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 Latest Introduction - Miniature ELECTRONIC   STETHOSCOPE 
  Product Features of  STETHTRON
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The Stethtron Electronic Stethoscope is available in two Models :- 

* Stethtron Electronic Stethoscope  Model LG-300 : 
This standard model is recommended for medical professionals who need the best device for auscultation It is preferred by most cardiologists, general physicians, M.D.s  in chest / respiratory diseases or general medicine. It is designed for doctors with normal hearing. It can also be used by doctors with very mild hearing loss. Heart sounds, respiration sounds and faint murmurs can be heard loud and clear. And with no external disturbances . With Model LG300, the heart/chest specialist doctor can make a more reliable auscultation diagnosis. 

* Stethtron Electronic Stethoscope  Model HG-900 
This is specially designed for doctors with hearing loss / disability :- 
* Doctors who can hear and converse normally ; but have difficulty in hearing heart or lung sounds through a stethoscope. Or, those who have difficulty in picking up faint murmurs; or blood pressure sounds 
* Doctors who use a Hearing-Aid to compensate for mild to high neuro-sensory hearing loss. With the hearing aid, they are able to listen and manage conversation ; but are unable to use the conventional stethoscope, which is so essential in their medical practise. Model HG-900 is a boon for all Doctors with Hearing Loss. 
Loud and Distinct I,II,III,IV heart sounds Crystal-Clear murmurs  & respiration sounds  Auscultation is Easy 

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