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    Electronic  Engineering   Corporation  





       The beginnings of EEC can be traced back to 1979, when the Company pioneered specialised biomedical equipment for bio-research laboratories and medical institutions.
Since then, we have grown and diversified, so that today EEC is India's most reputed manufacturer of a wide range of bio-medical instruments looking after the diverse needs of professionals working in hospitals, medical institutions, scientific labs, pharmacology, audiological, occupational health and educational sectors. Our customers include physicians, bio-medical  technicians, health-care practitioners, researchers, universities, hospitals.       

Our Mission is to develop, manufacture and market instruments that improve the
quality of life and allow patients to leave the hospital earlier.Our goal is to assist doctors make better clinical decisions and deliver efficient and compassionate patient care.

Our focus is to offer basis essential bio-medical equipment that are simple to operate
and affordable, thus lowering total healthcare costs. 

Our activities include  research / development, manufacturing, distribution, and 
exporting of bio-medical instruments.We are dedicated to providing reliable products with  time-tested technology - Instruments are that easy to use and designed to fit seamlessly into your daily routine. 

The Registered address of the company is as follows:- 
             Electronic Engineering Corporation 
             T-4, Dr. Vikram Sarabai Instronic Estate, 
             Chennai 600 041, Tamilnadu , India. 

Telephone: 091-044- 4925853  /  091-044- 4481680 
Fax              : 091-044-4925853 

EEC is the leading provider of medical and scientific solutions. It ofers a comprehensive resource for medical  practitioners,  scientific researchers and anyone interested  bio-medicine / health-care in general. We welcome you to browse through our  product range 

    Vital  Instruments  for  Medicine * Pharmacology * Health  * Biosciences * Research *  Industry