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 Biomedical Instruments
Electronic Stethoscope 

Electronic Blood Pressure  

Ultrasonic Foetal Monitor 

Vascular/Blood Flow  Doppler 


Digital Pulse Monitor 

Apnea Monitor 

Digital Tele-Thermometer 

Syringe Infusion Pump 



Cardiac Fibrillator 

Animal Activity Monitor 
Scientific Pumps
Peristaltic Pumps 

Syringe Pumps 

Automatic Fluid Dispenser/Samplers 

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  • EECs instruments are rugged in design and most of the sensitive components are epoxy-sealed to withstand  any variations in temperature, humidity and transit  shocks. Generally, they give several years of trouble free service.These instruments do not require periodic calibration . 

    In the very unlikely event of a problem with our instrument, we advise our customer to send it our office at Chennai; or, to the Authorised Dealer closest to you. It is not feasible to send a trained technician to distant places for repair/service work; as it is difficult to carry all possible spare parts and testing / calibration equipment to the user's  place.  

     All the EEC instruments are compact/light and can be sent easily by Registered Post Parcel, Rapid Courier service, Air Parcel or any other mode.When sending it to us, ensure that it is packed well in its original carrying case, to avoid transit damage. 

     As soon as the instrument is with us, we promptly attend to it. Most faults are set right within a few hours; while some may take 48 hours. Thereafter, we send back the instrument by the same mode of  transport, as sent to us.  

    As a Company policy, we manufacture only instruments that are light in weight and compact enough to be sent by Registered post parcel  or Courier Service. 

    Our  team of qualified professionals are always available at your call to render  prompt and efficient after-sales-service, if ever the need arises. Because of the high reliability of our instrument, less than 0.5% of the instruments supplied by us have ever needed service during the first 3 years of  operation.  

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    EEC's Biomedical/Medical Electronic Instruments and Scientific Pumps