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 Latest Introduction - Miniature Electronic Stethoscope - STETHTRON  
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 A  New Precision  Stethoscope   -   
-   Exquisitely  crafted for the  modern medical  professional  who wants the best.

Stethtron is quite different from the conventional sthethoscope. It has a built-in miniature amplifier inside the chestpiece. This electronic stethoscope makes medical auscultation diagnosis easy. Heart sounds, respiratory sounds and murmurs are heard  loud and clear. The faint murmur or abnormality that are often missed by the regular stethoscope can be easily detected with Stethtron. Light and compact, it gives five times the amplification compared to the regular stethoscope. 
Other advanced features of  Stethtron are :-  Graduated  volume control, electronic filter, noise reduction circuitry, feather-touch switches / ear-tips for extra comfort and a non-chill rim
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