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            Technical  Specifications 
 Biomedical  Instruments
Electronic Stethoscope 
Electronic Blood Pressure  
Ultrasonic Foetal Monitor 
Vascular/Blood Flow Doppler 
Digital Pulse Monitor 
Apnea Monitor 
Digital Tele-Thermometer 
Syringe Infusion Pump 
Cardiac Fibrillator 
Animal Activity Monitor 
Scientific Pumps
Peristaltic Pumps 
Syringe Pumps 
Automatic Fluid Dispenser/Samplers 


  Sensor   :   Air coupled HIR sound transducer  activated by  
                      polycarbonate diaphragm 
  Amplifier :   Solid-state integrated circuit gives :  
                       1 to  5  fold amplification in  Model LG -300 
                       1 to 10 fold amplification in  Model HG -900 
   Volume  :    Continuously adjustable by graduated 1 to 5 potentiometer 

  Filter        :    2-Way Electronic Filter Switch 
                        1)  LO-Filter for low pitch sound  
                        2)  HI-Filter for high pitch sound 

  Mechanical :  Glass epoxy sealed PCB, 
                         ABS/Chrome-Metal Chest-piece 
                         Soft Polymer tubing / Ear-tips 
                         Stainless Steel Binaural Spring. 

  Power          :  One 3 Volt Lithium Cell:  
                          Type CR 2032 or equivalent. 

  Size/Weight  : 5cm round chest-piece / 3 cm high 
                           Y-tubing 55 cms long. 
                           Black/Grey color -180 gms - 
                           Carry Case: 27 x 15 x 5 cms  


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