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   Electronic  Engineering   Corporation 
           Welcome  to  EEC's  Home Page !
    Electronic Engineering Corporation is a leading Indian Manufacturer of a wide range of  
    bio-medical electronic instruments and scientific pumps. 

    With over a decade of experience and service to the scientific and medical  profession, 
    EEC's products are acknowledged for excellent performance and long-term reliability.  

    These medical and scientific instruments are used by reputed medical professionals and  
    scientists in many clinics, hospitals government organisations, defence establishments, 
    educational institutions and research laboratories. 
    Rigid quality control and utmost care is exercised in the selection of materials that go into each instrument.  
    All products are futurist in design and specially  built to withstand rigorous use. 
    Common features of these instruments are time-tested precision technology, high reliablity components,
    compact design, simple operation and affordable cost.

    Vital  Instruments  for  Medicine * Pharmacology * Health  * Biosciences * Research *  Industry