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  Technical  Specifications  /  Operation 
 Biomedical  Instruments
Electronic Stethoscope 
Electronic Blood Pressure  
Ultrasonic Foetal Monitor 
Vascular/Blood Flow Doppler 
Digital Pulse Monitor 
Apnea Monitor 
Digital Tele-Thermometer 
Syringe Infusion Pump 
Cardiac Fibrillator 
Animal Activity Monitor 
Scientific Pumps
Peristaltic Pumps 
Syringe Pumps 
Automatic Fluid Dispenser/Samplers 


 Fit  binaurals  into  the ear and  apply  the chest-piece on the  patientís  chest.  Switch  ON   power switch , adjust  volume control  to  the desired level and  listen to the loud  and  clear  sounds. Slide Filter switch to select high or low pitch tone.  A special  auxillary output  is available  for connection  to a  ECG  machine/monitor  for  Phonocardiogram  recording ; or to an external   tape recorder,  amplifier/speaker system for group listening or teaching. 

Sensor   System:  Air coupled  HIR sound  transducer . 
Amplifier   System  :  Solid-state with integrated  circuits  gives  10-fold  amplification.  
Volume  adjustment: Continuously  variable  volume  control 
Filter System:  2-way Electronic Filter Switch  :   Lo-Filter for low Pitch sounds  and  HI- Filter  for  high  pitch  sounds . 
Output : 200 milli-watts  by air  coupled  earphone. 
Auxillary  output:   Electrical PCG signal output  available on  AUX. Socket  for  connection   to amplifier/speaker, tape recorder, monitor scope  or  ECG recorder. 
Power source: One  9-Volt  Alkaline  battery : Type Duracell  No. MN1604 - 6LR61,  or equivalent. 
Size/Weight :  4" x 3 x 1 ½ " / 400 gms . 

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