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ANIMAL  ACTIVITY  MONITOR  - Operation / Specifications
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 Monitors  activity of  animals  in bio-research 
EECís Animal Activity Monitor incorporates high-sensitive electronic capacitive sensors to detect vibration movements on the platform of the animal cage.  The animal is  placed  inside an acrylic transparent cage that rests on the sensor platform. Testing can be conducted in complete darkness or in bright sunlight.  Ambient  illumination is not a limiting  factor as in most photocells activity monitors. Vibrations caused by the animal activity produce proportional electrical signals. These are electronically  processed  to generate trigger pulses and drive a Digital Counter. Every count registered  is accompanied  by a flashing  LED and beeper.  The sensitivity of the  system is adjustable to suit the size/weight of the animal, as per userís experimental requirements. An optional Timer is available to programme experiment times from 1 to 99 minutes. 

Technical Specifications : 
Sensor System  :  Electronic  Capacitive  sensors 
Electronic Circuitry:  Solid-state integrated circuiry  
Counter : 6 Digit counter with Reset facility.  
Maximum counting Frequency: 60 counts per second  
Sensitivity Control 
  a) Low position for convulsion monitoring  
  b) High position for Activity Monitoring. 
      Fine  control provided  in each range 
Activity Indication  :  By flashing LED and beeper.Beeper can be switched off, if not required. 
Optional Timer: 1 to 99 minutes  
Size / Weight: 12 x 18 x 19 cms / 1 kgs. 
Animal cage:Clear acrylic transparent of standard size : 21 x 23 x 25 cms/ 1 Kg  ( other sizes on request);  
Power Requirements : 220 or 110 Volts/ 50 Hz/1amp 

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