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Highly Accurate  and Reliable *  Simple to use 
*  Fast Response time for quickly increasing or decreasing temperature measurement 
* Continuous duty operation
* Choice of  1 to 12 Channels
The Digital Tele-Thermometer is ideal  for continuous monitoring of  temperature in Anaesthesia, Cardiac Surgery, Hyperthermia, Pyrogen testing and  Bio-research.
The required number of sensor probes at different sites are connected to this instrument. The POWER switch is put on.  Select any particular probe by means of the Rotary Channel Selector, and read the temperature on the digital display.

Technical Specifications
Temperature rate- 50 ° to 150 Celcius.
Accuracy/Resolution :  Within + 0.1 °C between 20 °C to 50 °C ;  rest of range, within 1°C
Response Time : Initially, one minute for thermal stabilisation;  thereafter within 5 seconds for subsequent variations
Sensors/Probes : IC probe that is encapsulated in epoxy; easily sterilisable; available in 2 types:-
 (a) Internal type, for Esophageal or rectal use; 
 (b) Surface type, for skin temperature use.
  Each sensor is provided with 15 feet cable 
Channel Selection : From 1 to 12 channels, as per individual customer requirements. Selectable by means of Rotary switch.
Power Source : 220 or 110 Volts/50 Hz /1 ampere

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