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 Compact  5-in-1 biomedical instrument 
Biomonitor  monitors 5  vital medical functions -  
     Heart sounds,  
     Pulse  Rate,  
     Respiration  Rate , 
     Temperature  and  
     Systolic / Diastolic  Blood Pressures
BIOMONITOR  makes diagnosis  a  pleasure !
The  BIOMONITOR  combines five most useful  instruments  in general surgery and medical practice into one convenient integrated  system. It  monitors 5 vital medical parameters  non- invasively :- 
(1) Pulse rate and rhythm; (2) Respiration rate and rhythm ; (3) Temperature ; 4) Systolic and Diastolic blood pressures; and  (5) Heart sounds.  
An Opto-electonic finger sensor is used  for pulse rate monitoring. The Pulse rhythm is indicated by LED flashes/beats while the rate is displayed on a  digital meter. An elastic sensor strapped on the abdomen / chest area monitors  respiration rhythm and rate.  A Thermal sensor kept in the  mouth/arm-pit  is used to monitor temperature. Systolic and Diastolic blood pressures are obtained using an electronic adaptation of the RIVA-ROCCI principle. Heart sounds can be heard loud and clear by keeping a transducer on the patientís chest. Fast and simple to use, the Biomonitor  is  housed in a compact briefcase that can be carried anywhere with ease .
Technical  Specifications     Method of  Operation
Biomonitor - Economy Model with 3 basic Functions 


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