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 Biomedical  Instruments
Electronic Stethoscope 
Electronic Blood Pressure  
Ultrasonic Foetal Monitor 
Vascular/Blood Flow Doppler 
Digital Pulse Monitor 
Apnea Monitor 
Digital Tele-Thermometer 
Syringe Infusion Pump 
Cardiac Fibrillator 
Animal Activity Monitor 
Scientific Pumps
Peristaltic Pumps 
Syringe Pumps 
Automatic Fluid Dispenser/Samplers 



* For additional information, or to order any instrument,  
   simply send us a letter by E-mail, Fax or Post, giving the  
   following details :- 

 1) Your Name with Full Postal Address 

 2) Name of Hospital/Company/Organisation you work in 

 3) Contact Phone Number / Fax / E-Mail  

 4) Name / Model of the instrument/s  that you require 

 5) Nature of your application; or, where do you propose  
     to use the  instrument 

 On receipt of the above information, we will send you a Quotation  with details of the current Price, the best method of making payment and delivery schedule.    

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