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  BIOMONITOR  -  Deluxe Model- Method of Operation   

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    Strap opto-pulse transducer on the thumb / finger with velcro. Press power switch ON and the PULSE push-switch. The pulse rhythm is indicated by red LED flashes and  beeper. The digital meter will display the heart rate in beats per minute. 

    Strap the elastic sensor around the chest. On the RESP switch.  The  red  LED  indicator lamp and electronic beeper will flash rhythmically with every respiration cycle. The Respiration rate in breaths per minute will be displayed on the digital meter. 

    Place  HIR sound  transducer on the patient.  Put on the binaural earphone and insert free end of the  tubing into the socket  marked STETH  on the front panel. Switch ON using the rotary switch in the volume control.  Gradually  increase  volume control to the desired level and listen to the loud and clear sounds !  Keep Filter switch  in  LOW position for low pitch sounds ; and Filter switch  is  HIGH position for higher pitch sounds. 

    Wrap the velcro cuff on the arm; and inflate bladder as usual. Press B.P. ON switch and gradually deflate cuff pressure at rate of 2 to 3 mm/Hg.  When the Systolic pressure is reached ,  the beeper and red LED flashes on the B.P. meter will start.  As cuff pressure is further reduced, the beeps/flashes will stop to indicate the Diastolic  pressure. 

    Keep the temperature probe in the mouth,esophegus or rectal area. Switch ON the TEMP switch. The digital meter will display the temperature in degrees centigrade. 

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