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                         EECs   MEDICAL   ELECTRONIC   INSTRUMENTS
ULTRASONIC FOETAL MONITOR- Major Doppler Model : It can detect foetal activity from 10 weeks onwards itself.  This sturdy table model is ideal for Obstretic / Gynaecology departments of hospitals and maternity nursing homes. It has high sensitivity and gives power output up to 1000 mWatts.

ULTRASONIC FOETAL MONITOR  - Micro Doppler Model :This handy pocket-size  instrument is designed for  visiting consultants in  Obstretics and Gynaecology. It gives a maximum power output of  500 mWatts and is useful for detection of foetal sounds from 12 weeks onwards.

ELECTRONIC BLOOD PRESSURE METER : Blood pressure measurement is extremely simple using BIPITONE. No stethoscope is required and human errors in auscultation is eliminated. BIPITONE is highly recommended for hypertensive patients to keep a regular check of their blood pressure at home.It gives accurate and consistent readings that conform to values obtained by standard mercury Sphygmomanometers.

APNEA MONITOR: Small, compact and reliable, this instrument is very simple to use. A mini- sensor is strapped on the patientís chest/abdomen. As the subject breathes, LED flashes give indication of the respiration rhythm. When  the Apnea  period exceeds the preset value, an audio-visual alarm is given. The Apnea period can be set at 10,20,30,60 or 120 seconds by a 5-way rotary switch. This battery or mains operated instrument can be used on adults as well as neonates.

DIGITAL TELE-THERMOMETER: Single/Multi-Channel Models : A high precision, reliable device for continuous monitoring temperature over a wide range from  - 50 to 150 C.  It employs a multi-purpose easily steriliseable probe for skin, rectal and esophageal use.  From 2 to12 sensors/channels can be accomodated in the instrument. These monitors are indispensable in:-  anaesthesia, cardiac surgery, hyperthermia, bio-research and pyrogen testing.

DIGITAL PULSE MONITOR :This instrument employs a simple opto electronic sensor, conveniently strapped on the finger, to give continuous  indication of the pulse rhythm by  LED flashes/beeps. The  rate is displayed on a digital meter in beats per minute. The Pulse monitor works both on battery or mains supply. It is  ideal for continuous monitoring in operation theatres, I.C.units, biomedical/human engineering studies and sports medicine.

ANIMAL ACTIVITY MONITOREECís Animal Activity Monitor incorporates highly sensitive electronic capacitive sensors to  detect vibratory movements on the platform of the animal cage. It detects ambulatory movements as well as stereotypic activity like grooming, scratching, digging, etc. It has wide applications in pharmacology, experimental toxicology, psychology, neurology,physiology and entomology. 

ELECTRONIC FIBRILLATOR : Specially designed for Open-Heart Surgical procedures, it provides an adjustable alternating- current to fibrillate the heart. The patient electrode is of  2-lead isolated - type and can be easily autoclaved/sterilised. The fibrillation current delivered to the patient is controlled by a  rotary potentiometer and displayed on a panel  meter.The current capacity is from 0 to 15 milli-Amperes.
BIOMONITOR - Deluxe Model : The BIOMONITOR combines five most useful  instruments  in general surgery and medical practice into one convenient integrated system. It  monitors 5 vital functions non- invasively : (1) Pulse rate and rhythm; (2) Respiration rate and rhythm ; (3) Temperature; (4) Systolic, Diastolic blood pressures; and (5) Heart sounds. Fast and simple to use, it is housed in a compact briefcase that can be carried anywhere with ease . 
BIOMONITOR - Economy Model :
The  Biomonitor  Economy model monitors 3 vital functions non- invasively: (1) Pulse rate and  rhythm; (2) Systolic, Diastolic blood pressures and (3) Heart sounds. The respiration, temperature functions and sensors are deleted. In all other aspects, it is similar to the Deluxe model.

VASCULAR / BLOOD FLOW DOPPLER : Low intensity ultrasound frequency is beamed into the body from the small transducer probe. The beam is reflected  back with slight change in frequency due to movement of blood  particles or other moving organs. The reflected signal is  received by the instrument, amplified and processed electronically to produce LED  flashes and audible beeps on the built-in speaker or external earphone. Interchangeable probes of 2, 5 and 8 MHz are  provided :-  2 MHz for Foetal/ large vessels ; 5 MHz for deep vein applications and 8 MHz  for superficial examinations. 

PHONOCARDIOGRAPH : This provides high-fidelity recording of heart sounds, respiratory sounds and  murmurs. The heart sounds can be heard  loud and clear on  the built-in speaker or external binaural, along with audio-visual indications, by a flashing LED  indicator. From the output sockets provided, the PCG unit can be connected to an Oscilloscope or  ECG /Graphiv  recorder to obtain the Phonocardiogram; or, to an external tape recorder, amplifier/speaker system for group listening.

SYRINGE  INFUSION PUMP  : The  Syringe Infusion Pump provides uniform flow of fluid by driving the plunger of a syringe down its barrel. Glass and disposable plastic syringes of all sizes from 1 ml to 30 ml can be used. Using a digital thumb switch, flow rate can be  adjusted from 1 to 99 ml/Hr. When the syringe is nearly empty, the pump will automatically stop with an alarm.

ELECTROMYOGRAPH: EEC's low cost EMG system is ideal for the study of muscle activity in research  and evaluation therapy. Both needle and surface electrodes are available. The EMG Panel Meter gives indication of average / peak value of the EMG signal. The notch-filter cuts off 50 Hz  mains disturbance. A Peak-Hold  switch is also provided. The EMG wave form can be displayed on a Oscilloscope or recorded by a Tape/UV recorder. 

STETHMATE: This electronic Stethoscope produces powerful and crystal-clear amplification of heart sounds,respiratory sounds and faint murmurs.  A special  noise-reduction circuitry  minimizes external noises. This handy pocket size unit works on a 9 Volt  battery. 
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