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Monitors Respiration rhythm and Apnea 
* Respiration  rhythm indication and audio visual alarm whenever the Apnea period exceeds the pre-set period 
* Convenient sensor on abdomen/chest area  
* Reliable and simple operation 
The Apnea Monitor is designed for use on adults as well as neonates.
Small, compact and reliable, this instrument is very simple to use. A mini sensor is strapped on the patientís chest/abdomen. As the subject breathes, LED flashes give indication of the respiration rhythm. When the Apnea  period exceeds the preset value, an audio-visual alarm is given. The Apnea period can be set at 10,20,30,60 or 120 seconds by a 5-way Rotary switch. The Apnea monitor can be used on Battery; or, mains power supply. 

Technical Specifications 
Sensor system : Mini-opto-sensor on chest/abdomen. 
Electronic System :  I.C. solid state.  
Apnea Control : Adjustable by 5 -way rotary switch to pre-set Apnea periods  of 10, 20, 30, 60 or 120 seconds. 
Power Requirements: 220 or 110 volts / 50 cycles ; or,  9 volts Battery/ D.C. supply.  
Power consumption : Less than 1 watt.  
Size/Weight: 16 x 9 x 5 cms/2 Kg. 

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